Motorhome park

Our spacious motorhome park provides plenty of space for visitors wishing to bring their own motorhome. A supply of fresh water is also provided. Restrooms are provided in the parking garages, which are situated nearby.

Fresh water supply:

Please note: Waste water facilities are not provided.

Breakfast for campsite guests

Guests staying on our campsite are also welcome to have breakfast in the HOB Center. The breakfast in the HOB-Center is only possible in connection with an entrance ticket to the FunPark.

It's a seperate cash point avaiable at the stairs to the HOB-Center daily from 8:00 till 9:00 o'clock. After 9:00 o'clock you can use the main entrance of the FunPark.

Visitors using these camping facilities can also dine in our Beer Garden from may to september.