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Hello kids! What have you always wanted to know about the FunPark?

Simply write to me and ask me your special FunPark question.

After all, I know every corner of the PLAYMOBIL-FunPark like the back of my hand – from the rough waters of the pirate lake or the magical realm of fairies and unicorns to the secret passages of the knight’s castle.

No matter what you would like to know, I will try to find it out. You have my pirate’s word of honour!

I am already curious and looking forward to your question(s)!

And the best thing about it: We will publish one of my exciting replies every month so that other children can learn something new about the FunPark, too!


Your Questions

Below you can find some of your questions:

June 2019

Hi Rico!

I would like to know how the gold nuggets and gems get into the sand of the gold mine. Is there someone who hides them there in the evenings?

Yours, Noah

Hi Noah,

Thank you for writing to me! Usually my pirate friends and I hide the treasures in the sand. I am sending you a photo showing me at work ;-) Soon I will have even more to do. In the new pirate world, there will be a mysterious lagoon where you can search for treasures as well. Will you visit me in my new home?! I would be very happy to meet you there!

See you soon at the PLAYMOBIL-FunPark!

Yours, Rico

May 2019

"Rico, do you have a favourite spot at the FunPark?"

As a genuine buccaneer, the pirate world is of course where my heart is. I’m looking forward to the new ship so much – soon we will be able to go aboard together! But I also have a secret favourite spot: the Ice cream parlor. Before I set off to my next adventures, I love to enjoy a sundae here  ;-)