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After all, I know every corner of the PLAYMOBIL-FunPark like the back of my hand – from the rough waters of the pirate lake or the magical realm of fairies and unicorns to the secret passages of the knight’s castle.

No matter what you would like to know, I will try to find it out. You have my pirate’s word of honour!

I am already curious and looking forward to your question(s)!

And the best thing about it: We will publish one of my exciting replies every month so that other children can learn something new about the FunPark, too!


Your Questions

Below you can find some of your questions:

September 2019

Dear Rico,

How many secret passages does the Knights Castle have?

Yours,Elina (9)

Dear Elina,

Thank you for this interesting question. I will tell this secret to you - but please don't snitch on me when you meet the knights, okay?

In fact, there's only one secret passage at the castle. The tricky thing about it is that it has four entrances/exits. I'm sure you have already discovered one or the other of it. When passing underneath the rostrum from the inner courtyard, you will enter the secret passage. Attention: Mind the dragon which is lurking here! 

From outside the castle, there are two entrances on the ground. But you have to be really brave to climb into these dark tunnels. The fourth entrance is below the castle, towards the HOB-Center. Here, you have to sneak along the castle wall past the guards to find the entrance to the secret passage.

Please, please don't tell the knights that you have this information from me! Will you come here to go and find all the entrances yourself? ;-)

See you soon at the PLAYMOBIL-FunPark!
Yours, Rico

August 2019

Hi Rico,

Why don't the PLAYMOBIL figures have a nose?


Dear Milan,

Thanks for writing to me. I am happy to answer your question!

When the inventor of PLAYMOBIL thought about how the PLAYMOBIL figures should look like one day, he first drew them with a nose. However, that seemed to clownish to him. He had also watched how children painted humans, and what seemed important for them to recognize a face. It became obvious that ears and nose were often ommitted. That's the reason why the figures look this way today.

After all, a pirate like me would look quite odd with a clown's nose, wouldn't he? :)

I wish you a lot of fun playing with your PLAYMOBIL toys and would be glad to welcome you here at the PLAYMOBIL-FunPark again.


Juli 2019

Dear Rico,

Why has the stone quarry near the entrance been removed? It’s a pity that we can’t play there anymore. Will it return at another place soon?


Emil (9) and Oskar (6)

Dear Emil and Oskar,

Thank you for your message ;-) I miss the stone quarry very much, too. That’s why I will see to it that we will build it up again at the FunPark. However, I can’t tell you yet when this will be.

I look forward to meeting you here soon!



Juli 2019

Hi Rico,

I would like to visit the FunPark this year. Are the magic shells open during the renovation measures (low season)? I have all the PLAYMOBIL mermaids and they really need some more accessories!


Caroline (4)

Dear Caroline,

It is great that you will visit me this year!

Our Magical Fairyland is open during low season, too, so you will be able to look for treasures in the magic shells there. If you enjoy treasure hunting, I invite you to also drop by at our gold mine and the new pirate world. Here, you can go and find many amazing treasures, too :-)

The renovation during low season is taking place at our sand and mud playground. It will be redesigned and extended, and therefore closed from September 10, 2019. Next year, life-size PLAYMOBIL mermaids with long hair will be waiting here to be styled by you! I am already quite excited and curious whether you will like them as much as the mermaids from your playroom. Will you visit me again when the new Kingdom of Mermaids has been opened?

I hope you have a lot of fun during your visit this year, and keep my fingers crossed that you will find many treasures to take home for your mermaids.

See you soon at the PLAYMOBIL-FunPark!



June 2019

Hi Rico!

I would like to know how the gold nuggets and gems get into the sand of the gold mine. Is there someone who hides them there in the evenings?

Yours, Noah

Hi Noah,

Thank you for writing to me! Usually my pirate friends and I hide the treasures in the sand. I am sending you a photo showing me at work ;-) Soon I will have even more to do. In the new pirate world, there will be a mysterious lagoon where you can search for treasures as well. Will you visit me in my new home?! I would be very happy to meet you there!

See you soon at the PLAYMOBIL-FunPark!

Yours, Rico

May 2019

"Rico, do you have a favourite spot at the FunPark?"

As a genuine buccaneer, the pirate world is of course where my heart is. I’m looking forward to the new ship so much – soon we will be able to go aboard together! But I also have a secret favourite spot: the Ice cream parlor. Before I set off to my next adventures, I love to enjoy a sundae here  ;-)