Season opening postponed

Season opening postponed

Due to the current government decision on measures to deal with the coronavirus, the start of the outdoor season at the PLAYMOBIL FunPark, scheduled for March 30, has been postponed until further notice. We hope to contribute to the containment of the coronavirus in this way, as the safety and health of our young and old visitors are of particular importance to us.

The PLAYMOBIL-FunPark as well as the FunPark-Shop, the PLAYMOBIL-Hotel and the LECHUZA-Stores in Zirndorf as well as in Dietenhofen are therefore closed from now on until at least the end of the Bavarian Easter holidays.


Questions and Answers

I have already bought tickets for a visit in March/April. Can I still use them at a later date?

Already purchased tickets for the FunPark remain valid and can be redeemed during the entire FunPark season until 8th November 2020. We are already looking forward to your visit!

I have booked a stay at the PLAYMOBIL-Hotel. Is the hotel open?

Unfortunately the hotel is closed. If you have booked a room at the PLAYMOBIL-Hotel during the affected period, you will be contacted by our team, a cancellation free of charge is possible.

I have booked a kid’s birthday in March / April. Will the birthday party take place for my child?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any children's birthday parties up to and including 30th April 2020 due to the closing. If you have booked a kid’s birthday in this period, you will be contacted by our team.

I have a season ticket for the PLAYMOBIL-FunPark - does the closing affect its validity?

Our season ticket already includes the complete outdoor season (low and high season) as well as the snoozing time (climbing garden open) and is therefore valid until November 27th, 2020. We hope to start the season with you soon and look forward to seeing you visit us many times during this period.

My child's birthday is in March / April and we wanted to visit the FunPark on this day. Don't we get free entrance for the birthday child now?

Our offer for winter birthday children now also applies to all children who have their birthday during the closure due to the measures to contain the coronavirus. During a certain period of time you can visit the FunPark once for free (please bring proof). We will announce the exact date for the offer (scheduled: April 20 - April 26, 2020 - subject to change).

The FunPark shop is closed - where can I buy tickets / a voucher / PLAYMOBIL play sets now?

Online we are there for you around the clock! In the FunPark-Online-Shop you can buy tickets as well as vouchers or breakfast vouchers. And if you would like to give away PLAYMOBIL play sets, just have a look at www.playmobil.de. Here you will find the complete assortment as well as regular great offers, exclusive articles, add-ons and accessories. Furthermore, you will also find great painting and handicraft templates and many more ideas so that your time at home is never boring!

When will the season start?

We will continue to inform you about the further development and the alternative date for the season opening on all our channels! We are already looking forward to a new season full of adventure with you!


ROBert explains the corona virus to children

The whole world is talking about the corona virus. Daycares and schools have closed, and children are asking a lot of questions. This movie uses PLAYMOBIL to help explain in a way that children can understand what is happening right now, what we can all do to ease the situation.


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