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How do I reach the PLAYMOBIL-FunPark?


Brandstätterstraße 2-10
90513 Zirndorf

Tel.: +49 (0) 911-9666-1455
Fax.: +49 (0) 911-9666-1419



Are there enough parking lots?

There is a modern parking system around the FunPark with more than 3.000 parking lots. In the two parking garages you will also find special parking lots for disabled people.

Can I reach the FunPark with public transport?

Please have a look at the bus schedule.

bus schedule

Tickets and prizes

When is the FunPark open?

Please see opening hours and prizes.

opening hours and prizes

How much is the entrance?

Please see opening hours and prizes.

opening hours and prizes

Do birthday kids have to pay?

Birthday girls and boys are admitted free of charge and get a little surprise (verification required).


Kann ich Tickets auch online kaufen?

In unserem Onlineshop können Sie Ihre Tickets vorab auch online bestellen. An Tagen mit hohem Besucheraufkommen öffnen wir für Besitzer der Onlinetickets und Saisonkarteninhaber die Fast-Lane, sodass das Spielvergnügen noch schneller beginnen kann.

Besucher mit Behindertenausweis können im Onlineshop vergünstigte Karten bestellen. Behinderte mit Merkzeichen B können eine kostenlose Begleitperson mitnehmen.

Wir bieten im Onlineshop außerdem vergünstigte Karten für Gruppen ab 10 Personen sowie Inhaber einer ADAC-Karte, VAG-Ticket, Knaxx-Club-Karte, Nürnberg Card, Bayr. Ehrenamtskarte, Kreiselkarte oder einem Otto-Spar-Coupon. (Nachweis an der Eintrittskasse erforderlich.)

Zum Onlineshop


Is there a PLAYMOBIL shop?

In the PLAYMOBIL shop you will find everything your heart desires. Enjoy the bright offer and explore great toys. If you want to do a relaxing shopping tour, avoid the rush hour before the park closes. You can easily leave your purchases at the information desk in the shop and take it with you when you leave the park.

The PLAYMOBIL shop is open every day and you can also go shopping without entering the park.

Is there a shop for LECHUZA planters?

Explore the world of LECHUZA and its fascinating watering system! You can enter the shop from the park behind the great pirate ship and also from the Carl-Benz-Straße outside the park.

Can I pay with credit card?

We accept credit cards in the two shops. There is a minimum value of 5 €.

Gastronomy: You can pay with credit card in the pub, the beergarden and at the coffee bar in the HOB-Center. Please notice that it is not possible to use credit cards at the snack points in the park.

Tips for parents

Is there a possibility for children to swim?

The great water playground and the sand & mud area are fine for kids to splash around. Please notice that bathing is not allowed without swimming clothes! Bathing is not possible in the great pirate lake, the jungle waters, the paddle lake and the water course at Noah’s Ark.

Are there special areas for toddlers?

The PLAYMOBIL-FunPark is perfect for children between 3 and 10 years. But there are also special areas for toddlers. In the indoor area you can find several corners with PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 toys for children under 3 years.

The whole park is easily accessible with a buggy or pram. There are different nappy-changing rooms and a mother-child-room in the HOB-Center.

Are there special rooms for mothers and children?

There is a cosy and quiet mother-child-room in the HOB-Center with microwave. Here you can relax and spend some quiet minutes with your baby.

What about children’s vehicles?

Please notice that for safety reasons it is not allowed to bring along scooters, bikes or tricycles (also with guide pole) into the park. You can leave them for free at the information desk in the shop.

Is there a buggy rental?

How to behave in case you lost your child?

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Food & drinks

Where can I buy something to eat?

Delicious meals and drinks are provided at different points in the park. The beer garden, the pub, several snack points or the ice booth – you will find something fresh and tasty.

Please notice: The opening hours of our gastronomy can vary according to visitor numbers and weather conditions.

Are there detailed information about the dishes?

Detailed information about ingredients and allergy information you will get at each gastronomy station.

For disabled people


All areas of the park are accessible with wheelchairs. If you need help, please contact our friendly staff.

Disabled people with corresponding ID receive 1 € discount of the current season’s admission fee.

At the service center you can hire a wheelchair for free (deposit € 50).

Stay overnight

Is there a hotel at the park?

Next to the PLAYMOBIL-FunPark, the PLAYMOBIL-Hotel is the place to be for families with a long journey.


Good to know

Where do I get some information sheets or flyers?

At the entrance you can get our information sheet and a map of the park. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask our staff at the service center in the shop and in the HOB-Center.

Can I bring my dog or other pets with me?

We kindly ask for your understanding that dogs and other animals are not allowed in the park and in the beer garden.

Are there longer waiting times at the attractions?

The number of visitors varies from the different seasons. Especially in the peak season, during Bavarian summer holidays and at beautiful weather, there might be a lot of visitors and longer waiting times.

Come and visit us out of peak season in spring or fall. In these periods you can explore the park without any stress.

Are there special smoking areas in the park?

The PLAYMOBIL-FunPark is a non smoking park. Therefore we ask you to avoid smoking all over the park. Please recognize that smoking is only allowed in the smoking areas, where you can find ashtrays.

Where do I find help?

Where to put my luggage?

What can I do if I have lost something in the park?

What to do with wet clothes?

How to behave in case of a wasp bite?

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I have already bought tickets for a visit in March/April. Can I still use them at a later date?

Already purchased tickets for the FunPark remain valid and can be redeemed during the entire FunPark season until 8th November 2020. We are already looking forward to your visit!

I have booked a kid’s birthday in March / April. Will the birthday party take place for my child?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any children's birthday parties up to and including 30th April 2020 due to the closing. If you have booked a kid’s birthday in this period, you will be contacted by our team.

My child's birthday is in March / April and we wanted to visit the FunPark on this day. Don't we get free entrance for the birthday child now?

Our offer for winter birthday children now also applies to all children who have their birthday during the closure due to the measures to contain the coronavirus. During a certain period of time you can visit the FunPark once for free (please bring proof). We will announce the exact date for the offer (scheduled: April 20 - April 26, 2020 - subject to change).

The FunPark shop is closed - where can I buy tickets / a voucher / PLAYMOBIL play sets now?

Online we are there for you around the clock! In the FunPark-Online-Shop you can buy tickets as well as vouchers or breakfast vouchers. And if you would like to give away PLAYMOBIL play sets, just have a look at Here you will find the complete assortment as well as regular great offers, exclusive articles, add-ons and accessories. Furthermore, you will also find great painting and handicraft templates and many more ideas so that your time at home is never boring!

When will the season start?

I have a season ticket for the PLAYMOBIL-FunPark - does the closing affect its validity?

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