Ready, steady, go!

Tractor Rally

Large Farm with Animals and Tractor Rally

There is also something special in store for little farmers who love to drive – the large Tractor Rally with its tricky hillocks, bumpy section, ramps and much more.

Everybody gets a turn! Due to the immense popularity of the tractor rally, waiting times may vary. But don’t worry, everyone gets his turn.

There is plenty for the kids to do on the Farm

Horses and ponies are waiting in the covered stables to be groomed, fed and nurtured. Piglets, a dog and two life-sized cows – which the kids can milk themselves – guarantee endless farmyard fun.The amazing farm scenery teaches young visitors about the different tasks that have to be performed on the farm, and gives them a chance to try everything for themselves.


Have a look at our large farm. There is plenty for the kids to do.

GoKart course

Have a look at our thrilling car chase in the PLAYMOBIL-FunPark.