Adventure Tree House with dinos

Crawl and climb, see, hear and feel: the Tree House active world is an experience for all senses

Our world of extinct prehistoric giants offers plenty to discover and experience for curious researchers: A four-meter Tyrannosaurus Rex, a Triceratops mom with baby, a dino nest, and much more!

The tree houses are accessible via climbing courses with different levels of difficulty. The large tree house is a fully-equipped research station, complete with a telescope and lots of other scientist’s tools. A treetop bridge connects it with the small tree house. Brave kids can scale the rope ladder to the crow’s nest that stands around 8 meters high, or marvel at the gleaming crystals and lightplay in the underground tunnels.

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On the last three Fridays/Saturdays during the summer break you can enjoy a very special adventure at the PLAYMOBIL-FunPark after the park has officially closed.

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