Adventure Tree House

Crawling and climbing, seeing, hearing and feeling – you’ll need all your senses in the Tree House active world

There is a world full of surprises waiting for adventurers of all ages. It’s up to each visitor to use their cunning and imagination to explore and try out the Tree House active playtime world.

The tree houses are accessed via climbing courses with different levels of difficulty. The Large Tree House is a fully-equipped research station, complete with a telescope and a host of other scientist’s tools, and is joined to the Small Tree House by a treetop bridge. Kids who are feeling really brave can scale the rope ladder to the crow’s nest that stands around 8 meters high, or marvel at the gleaming crystals and lightplay in the underground caverns.

Please note: Due to reconstruction measures, our pirate lake, tree house, stone quarry and dinosaurs area are currently closed. Please note our reduced entrance fee from September 3rd, 2018.
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