New 2018: The magical fairyland

Enter through the colorful rainbow into the magical realm of fairies and elves!

In the completely redesigned adventure world, all the little fairies and elves can groom PLAYMOBIL unicorns and supply them with water at the water springs and streams. In the great sea shells, little explorers can go in search of the golden crystal.

The fairyland also offers plenty of opportunities for climbing and balancing, as is the case with FunPark. Loving details and colorful play accessories make the new area just magical!

Ice cream parlor

What could be better after lots of fun and action than a scoop of delicious ice cream? Here a large variety of ice cream for all small and big sweet tooths awaits you.

Helpful hints

  • swim-wear for water playgrounds
  • towel and dry clothes for changing purposes
  • comfortable shoes with solid sole for climbing and balancing
  • don’t forget adequate sun protection (sunscreen, hat etc.)