Pirates ahoy

Full speed ahead! After being redesigned and extended to 5,300 m², the new pirate area is now inviting you to great adventures!

A huge pirate ship, a stranded shipwreck and a mysterious pirate lagoon offer plenty of opportunities for playing and climbing, and much more pirate fun.

Go on a treasure hunt in true pirate fashion and find hidden coins and gems, fire the water cannons at the pirate island or ride a raft over the pirate lake. Any landlubber will become a bold pirate captain here!

Raft ride waiting times:

Waiting times for the raft ride may vary, as the number of rafts is limited by the size of the lake. Tip: Waiting times are usually shortest during the first hour of opening in the morning and in the last hour before closing.

Wheelchair availability:

The shipwreck, as well as two different types of raft, offer wheelchair access.

Man overboard! Tip:

Clothes dryers:
Clothes dryers are located in the ladies’ restrooms opposite the raft docking station and the main entrance. Tokens for the dryers can be obtained free of charge from our staff at the Pirate Lake.

These can be obtained (subject to a deposit) at the Service Center in the Fun Park Shop.

Loaned clothing:

If there is excessive demand for the dryers, clothing (sweatshirts, jogging pants) can be loaned, subject to a deposit).

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Pirates Events und News

New opening of the pirate world

New opening of the pirate world

On Saturday, June 8th, the time has finally come: After 9 months of rebuilding, the newly designed and enlarged Pirate World, which has been enlarged to 5,300 m³, opens its doors.

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Helpful hints

  • swim-wear for water playgrounds
  • towel and dry clothes for changing purposes
  • comfortable shoes with solid sole for climbing and balancing
  • don’t forget adequate sun protection (sunscreen, hat etc.)

Ice cream parlor

What could be better after lots of fun and action than a scoop of delicious ice cream? Here a large variety of ice cream for all small and big sweet tooths awaits you.

Email Rico!

Hello kids! What have you always wanted to know about the FunPark? Write to our pirate Rico to find it out! Every month we will publish one of his exciting replies.