Power Paddle Boats

A true water fun

Since the start of the season 2013 all water lovers can enjoy the attraction in the PLAYMOBIL-FunPark: power paddle boats.

On the 1000 m² water area little captains can hurl themselves into a funny boat adventure.15 colorful power paddle boats invite children aged four years and older to engage in active paddle fun. The power paddle boats can easily be operated by hand cranks and foster a sense of balance, coordination and navigation skills.

Highlight of the round course on the paddle lake are the islands with penguins and flamingos and two jumping dolphins that can be passed through.

We are looking forward with you to a new refreshing and environmentally friendly attraction, which will be great fun for the children.

Ice cream parlor

What could be better after lots of fun and action than a scoop of delicious ice cream? Here a large variety of ice cream for all small and big sweet tooths awaits you.

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