Noah’s Ark

Refreshing playtime fun on the water

For visitors of all ages!

At the highest point of the Fun Park landscape, concealed amid the greenery, lies the XXL PLAYMOBIL Noah’s Ark. Salty seadogs and bright young captains are in exactly the right place in this playtime world: The entire PLAYMOBIL fleet is waiting in the steel water canals for some seafaring playtime adventure. Pirate Ship and Cargo Ship, Noah’s Ark, Roman Galley and many more boats are in the water and ready for action. Docking bays decked out with original PLAYMOBIL scenery and figures depict a range of different playtime themes along the water course.

Right next to this there is a separate area for the really little ones. The different water canals invite visitors to discover, explore and really make a splash. Everything about this attraction is dimensioned to suit the needs of infants. Making a satisfying splash with boats and fishes also from PLAYMOBIL’s range of items for small children.


Don’t forget to bring a bathing suit and a change of clothing!

Ice cream parlor

What could be better after lots of fun and action than a scoop of delicious ice cream? Here a large variety of ice cream for all small and big sweet tooths awaits you.

Infoflyer 2020

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