Your advantages with the KidsClub card

Your advantages with the KidsClub card

As a KidsClub member, you receive great discounts when you visit the PLAYMOBIL-FunPark:

  • 10 % discount on selected items at the FunPark shop - you can recognise these by the sign with the KidsClub panda
  • Changing offers such as tattoos at KidsClub prices - look out for the KidsClub panda here too
  • Discounted participation in activities such as the adventure tours or haunted hikes

Redemption of collected points

If you have collected points on your KidsClub card in the 2022 season and have not yet redeemed them, you can exchange them for a friendship book at the Pirate Lake clubhouse.

Points cannot be collected on the KidsClub card in the 2023 season.