Summertime at the FunPark

Sommerzeit im FunPark

Are you planning to visit the PLAYMOBIL FunPark soon? That's a great idea, because there are plenty of water play areas waiting for you to refresh yourself on a hot day.

One of the biggest highlights in summer is the Mermaid Kingdom: In the colourful coral world, you can splash around in the water, style the mermaids' long hair or dig and mud in the sand.

Our large water playground is also a paradise for all water lovers. On the different water channels there’s a lot to discover and explore.

Or what about a boat trip on the paddle lake or boarding one of our pirate rafts? At Noah's Ark, you can also launch many different PLAYMOBIL ships and boats and explore the wide water channels.

Tips for hot weather

To keep cool on hot days, please note the following tips:

  • An early start: It's best to come to the FunPark in the morning when it's not yet so hot. We are open from 9 AM.
  • Remember sun protection! When playing outdoors, make sure you have brought enough sunscreen or UV-protective clothing and headgear to protect you from the sun. If you have forgotten your sunscreen or have used it up, you can buy new one at the FunPark-Shop.
  • Drinks: Please remember to bring enough drinks for all family members on hot days. By the way, we have a special hot day water offer! At all of our Snack Points, you can buy chilled water in 1-litre bottles for only 2 euros, or you can fill up a 0.5-litre hologram cup with water for only 1.50 euros at the Puband Café Bar. Important note for drinks you bring yourself: glass bottles are not allowed at the park.  
  • At the Pub and Pizza & Pasta restaurant, you can also buy chilled water in 0.5 l bottles for only €1.40. You can also get a refreshment at any time from our snack points and vending machines. Important: Please do not bring glass bottles into the park.
  • Seek shade: At lunchtime, when the sun is particularly strong, it's a good idea to take a break  inside the HOB-Center and explore the indoor play area. However, the FunPark also has many shaded areas outside and sun sails in places where the sun is strong.
  • Bathing and changing clothes: One thing is for sure when visiting our water attractions - swimwear is definitely a must. Please also remember to bring a change of clothes. However, if everything does get wet, our tumble dryers will help you out. If you forget a change of clothes, you can also borrow towels and clothing from the FunPark-Shop. By the way, you can also buy cool PLAYMOBIL caps there for extra protection from the sun.

And if you're still too hot: An ice cream always helps! You can get it at the following locations at the FunPark: Ice Cream Boutique, Snack Point “Crêperie”, Ice Cream stand at the Paddling lake (temporarily open), at the HOB-Center and at our ice cream vending machines.

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