Visitor information

Visitor information

valid until 6th November 2022

Dear FunPark fans,

During the current season, all you need for your FunPark adventure is a valid online ticket. Tickets are not available at the local ticket offices. Season ticket holders do not need an online ticket, as they automatically receive admission when presenting their season ticket.

Currently there is no mask requirement on the FunPark area, i.e. no mask is required in either the outdoor or the indoor areas. To make your visit to the PLAYMOBIL-FunPark as safe as possible for you, for all other visitors and for our staff, please continue to adhere to the generally recommended distance and hygiene rules in order to protect yourself and others. We also recommend that you bring a mask with you to wear, if needed, in indoor areas, queuing points or where distance cannot be maintained.

Please note: The PLAYMOBIL-FunPark will be closed from November 7th, 2022 and will open again on 27th March, 2023. The winter season 2022/23 and the fall snoozing time have been cancelled. However, our FunPark shop will remain open for you throughout the winter months.

We’re looking forward to your visit!

Your FunPark team


Questions & Answers

Where can I buy tickets for the PLAYMOBIL-FunPark?
Tickets for the PLAYMOBIL-FunPark can only be purchased through the FunPark ticket shop. There are no tickets available at the ticket offices on site. Please reserve an online day ticket for the desired date and bring it with you on the day of your visit. Admission to the PLAYMOBIL-FunPark is only granted with a valid online day ticket, as the number of visitors is limited.

Do I have to buy a ticket for children under 3 years?
Children under 3 years need a free zero price ticket for the desired date. Therefore, please reserve a zero price ticket via our online shop even for the very small family members and bring it with you on the day of your visit. There is no charge for this, but admission can only be granted with this online day ticket (and proof of age).

I have a voucher for a reduction / am entitled to a discount. How do I redeem it?
If you are eligible for a discount, you can buy a reduced online day ticket for the desired date at our online shop. Please bring the online ticket as well as a proof of the corresponding discount option and present it at the entrance (e.g. disabled pass, holiday pass, ADAC Club card, VGN-Ticket, KNAX-Club card, Bayerische Ehrenamtskarte, Kreiselkarte, CineStar membership card, Fränkische Seenland card, Nürnberg Card).

I have a positive test result but have already reserved tickets. What do I have to do?
You can exchange your online tickets with just a few clicks via your user account or via a link in the e-mail you received. We will then send you an email with a voucher for your next purchase in the FunPark ticket shop. This way you can take your time to choose a new day to visit the park and order tickets or other offers from our ticket shop.

Do I have to buy a ticket even though I have a disabled pass?
Holders of a disabled pass receive a 1 € discount on their admission at the PLAYMOBIL-FunPark. Admission is free of charge if mark BI, aG or H applies. In addition, one accompanying person is free of charge in case of mark B, BI, aG or H. As admission is only possible with an online ticket we kindly ask you to reserve the required amount of reduced tickets or zero price tickets at our online shop and bring it with you on the day of your visit. A valid ID must also be presented.

It is my child's birthday and he/she gets free admission - do I need a ticket?
Birthday girls or boys receive free admission on their birthday upon presentation of proof of identity, but they still need a free online day ticket. Please book a zero price ticket via our online shop for the desired date and bring it with you on the day of your visit. There are no costs for this, but you can only get admission with this online day ticket and valid proof of age.

How do I redeem my free ticket/voucher?
If you have a free ticket for the PLAYMOBIL FunPark, we ask you to additionally book a zero price ticket for the desired date at our online shop and bring it with you on the day of your visit. Important: Without this online day ticket no admission can be granted, even if you have a free ticket. There are no costs for the zero price ticket.

How do I get admission with my season ticket?
If you have a season ticket for the PLAYMOBIL FunPark, you no longer need an additional zero price ticket. You will automatically be admitted with your season ticket. Children of season ticket holders under the age of 3 are also admitted without a zero ticket.

Do I already have a ticket along with my booking at the PLAYMOBIL hotel, or do I also need an online day ticket?
Our family packages at the PLAYMOBIL hotel already include your tickets, in this case no additional booking at the online shop is necessary.

If you have booked an overnight stay without admission, we recommend you to buy discouted tickets at our reception desk.

Do I have to present a proof of vaccination, test or convalescence?
Currently there is no proof requirement.