New 2020: Mermaid Kingdom

New 2020: Mermaid Kingdom

You are huge mermaid fans? Then look forward to the new season 2020: Soon you can experience your favourite playing world in XXL at PLAYMOBIL-FunPark! The new ‘Mermaid Kingdom’ lets you dive into a colourful coral world. It’s all about water, sand and, of course, your favourite sea creatures!

All this awaits you: The watercourse and the mysterious crystal grotto with its sparkling lights and the waterfall invite you to splash around and cool off. In the heart of the new themed world, life-size PLAYMOBIL mermaids with long hair are waiting to be styled by you. The adjacent sand and mud area offers plenty of opportunities to experiment with water to your heart’s content. Numerous water channels, pumps and wheels as well as mud tables and pools provide hours of fun. Of course, visitors with restrictions have also been taken into account as one of the mud tables can be played on from a wheelchair. Action-packed water fights, fun and activity are also guaranteed at the seahorse spray pumps or at the water seesaws. For the little ones, there are three huge sand shells to dig around in, while their parents can enjoy the beautiful surroundings on the pearl-shaped seating a short distance away. And if you’ve always wanted to feel like a mermaid yourself, you can slip into a huge PLAYMOBIL mermaid fin at the photo point and take a cool souvenir photo from the coral reef!

Note on our renovation measures:

The Sand and Mud Playground next to Western City will be closed from 10th September 2019 as a result of the construction work, as the new Mermaid Kingdom will be created there. There’s no need to feel sad if you like to paddle, dig and splash around: the large Water Area and Noah’s Ark continue to offer you refreshing water fun, and you can dig as much as you like in the sand and search for treasures in the new Pirate Area or in the Gold Mine.

The “Burger” Snack Point, including the adjacent seating area, will also be renovated from 10th September and will thus be closed. This also affects the Saloon with throwing games, dynamite tunnel and swing, but there’s still a lot to discover: Enter the stage coach or take your chance in the goldmine!

Ice cream parlor

What could be better after lots of fun and action than a scoop of delicious ice cream? Here a large variety of ice cream for all small and big sweet tooths awaits you.